Quick Ways To Make Money On Eid ul Fitr

Make Money this eid ul FitrMuslims all around the world call Ramadan a month of blessings. It is quite a strong belief of every Muslim that the whole month of Ramadan they fast for Allah and in return they get Eid ul Fitr as a gift from Allah at the end of the month. It definitely is the day set to celebrate and people make the most of it. Eid ul Fitr is not only the religious event but it has now become a part of culture in every Muslim country. While people are busy in preparing for eid, why dont you look for making some easy money on this occasion? Here are some ways to give some food to this thought!

Selling Food Items

1. Selling food items

What makes Eid ul Fitr colorful and charming does include a wide variety of food being cooked and shared. There is a trend of people visiting each other’s houses on Eid and it continues for three days of Eid. To serve the guests with the best, different people prefer different food. You can sell baked items like cakes, pastries, cookies or have some hand to hand with fried items. Any kind of food business is going to work in regard with earning money.

Selling Clothes

selling Clothes in eid

Men, women, children not a single person is there who doesn’t make new clothes on this event. It is also an expression of celebration and it makes people wait the whole year to get them some attention. You can pick your own clothes from your closet which must be in a good condition and open a stall. There is also an option to sell new clothes for some big market and get your commission.

Making Eid Cards

 Making Eid CardsAlthough it is the age where everything has turned to be done through electronic media. Yet there are kids who revive the trend of giving cards on Eid. Not only kids but the teens share the cards with small and beautiful wishes. It can turn out to be a good business if you make hand-made unique and designed cards. You can also take orders if you are good and creative enough to copy the designs.

Selling Gift Items

Selling gift items on eid

Since we belong to a religion which teaches us a lesson of giving and distributing happiness. Nobody wants to be left behind in this race. The business of making hand-made crafts and jewellery can be one of the best ideas to earn money.

Selling Bangles

5. selling bangles

To all the ladies and women out there, cheers to the season when getting bangles is a must for every single soul of you. Why not start a stall to sell bangles? That definitely is going to generate a good money for you depending on the variety of colors and designs you keep at your stall.

Mehndi (Henna) Stall

Mehndi Stall on eid

It is a chance for all the young girls with an art of applying Henna to earn a lot of easy money. All the ladies want to get their hands designed and colored with beautiful mehndi designs. Beauty parlors look for girls to give their services on ‘chand raat’ in this regard and pay them a good money.

Beauty Services

Beauty Services on eid

Beauty parlors and salons get overloaded as soon as the Chand raat comes. Evey salon for men and beauty parlor for women requires extra people at this occasion to manage the workload. If you think you have got any such skills, it is the time you cash your talent and have your stake of money.

Grabbing Eidi

 Grabbing eidi on eid

Last and the easiest! What do you wait for? just grab your eidi from you elders and make your eid a beautiful and memorable one.

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