How Much Money Cricketers Take To Do Advertisements

How Much for an AdvertismentWorld sports industry has been grooming since long ago and cricket has become one of the major sport in popularity. The new trends and formats have been evolved but the hype created by cricket and cricketers is no less than any other sport in the world. Cricketers from all over the world bring the best out of this game and build their fortunes through highly growing and commercializing cricket industry. It refers to the trend of celebrities becoming brand ambassadors for different companies aiding them a promotion tool. On the other hand, the company signs contract with them and pay huge bucks for their brand endorsements. We can see that many athletes earn a lot more than their salaries through these advertisements and endorsements.

India- The Hub Of Cricket

Indian cricket scenario has become the most happening and competitive one in the recent past years. Coming to have a look at world’s richest cricketers, it’s a list of Indian cricketers with a few foreign names. What makes Indian cricketers earn their fortune to this level? One of the reasons is their salary for their well-deserved performances. But the major part of this income surely comes from endorsement deals and advertisements. Different brands in India have collaborated with these cricket stars resulting in both the parties enjoying their stake that too to the fullest.

MS Dhoni advertisments

 MS Dhoni sets the example of an iconic cricketer as well as the richest cricketer in centuries. He is the current captain of team India and has a net worth of $85 million. The beauty of Dhoni’s cricket and the intellect level of his captaincy justify the fact that he deserves to be the highest paid cricketer. With his cricket winnings and achievements, he has also become a commercial star and highly on demand for appearing in advertisements. His yearly income has been estimated to $29 million, out of which $23 million comes from endorsement deals with popular brands like Pepsico, Sony, Reebok and many other local companies. In 2010, Dhoni signed a deal with a sport marketing company which was worth $2.1 million. Dhoni gets around 6 crore to put Spartan sticker on his bat. He earns around 8 crore from TV commercials and advertisements.

Virat Kohli Advertisement

One name that comes immediately in mind for modern cricket is of Virat Kohli, the new sensation in Indian as well as International cricket. He is the test cricket captain of Indian team and an unprecedented batsman with a yearly income of around $25 million of which $18 million belongs to his endorsement deals with different brands. He has been expected to be one of the greatest celebrities for he has recently joined Rs. 100 crore club and already got 13 big brands under him. According to a sports marketer, Kohli has become darling of the advertisers. He puts MRF sticker on his bat and takes 8 crore for this. His major brands include Pepsi, Vicks, Audi, adidas, Herbalife, Colgate and many others.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh made a comeback to the Indian team recently but he has also got a huge fan following without any doubt. This makes him another darling of advertisers. He just hit a deal of Rs. 4 crore with Puma to put its sticker on his bat. He earns around $2 million from brand endorsement deals.

Other Foreigner Cricketers

Other than Indian cricketers like MS Doni, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and former king of the cricket Sachin Tendulkar, there are some names including Shane Watson, Chris Gayle, AB De Villiers and Michael Clark.

Chris-Gayle advertisment

Chris Gayle has been one of the most favorite cricketers for not only his game but his jolly kind of nature and personality. He has an estimated income of $7.5 million per year and $3 million of this comes from his brand endorsement and advertisement thing. Chris Gayle earns 3 crore for putting Spartan sticker on his bat. AB De Villiers also makes $3.5 crore for putting sticker on bat and earns a total of $2 million from these deals.


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