How much Nida Yasir earns through her Morning Show?

Nida yasir eaningPakistan’s talented model and actress Nida Yasir has been Pakistan’s morning show host for about a few years now. She has made her way into everyone’s hearts through her hard work and helping personality. Women from all around the world, especially, have been encourage and motivated due to her daily morning appearances. She has had the privilege to win a number of hearts through her hard work.

Knowing Nida Yasir

Nida yasir family

Nida yasir is the wife of Yasir Nawaz; a trustworthy husband who supported his wife throughout the journey. Her three loving kids due to their understanding made it possible for her to appear on the television every morning to wake the whole Pakistan up.

Nida yasir rich lifr

All about her career

Nida yasir started her morning show called Good Morning Pakistan on ARY digital when Shaista Wahidi left the show. Shaista joined a morning show on Geo news and gave Nida Yasir an opportunity to join the show.

Good morning pakistan

Nida Yasir has done a lot of dramas and directed movies, but majority of her income comes from her morning show. She started her career when she became Saima in the TV drama called hum tum. She has been a part of a number of dramas called Nadaniyan, Ahista Ahista and Jannat.

She, also, produced a movie called Wrong No. Besides that, she has produced a number of dramas, too. Naadanyan, Baal Baal Bach Gaye and Hum Tum had the privilige of having a producer as talented and humble as Nida Yasir.

In Pakistani media awards, Nida Yasir won the award of the best morning TV show host. Her morning TV show has made her popular among everyone.

Nida Yasir’s earning as A Host

Over the years Good Morning Pakistan has become so popular. People don’t only find it useful and entertaining in Pakistan, but people all around the world are watching it daily in the morning. In some countries, people watch it online to make their day brighter and better. With the passage of time, the morning show has started earning a fortune. Due to the show’s good ratings, the show’s hosts bank account increments each year. Nida Yasir earns 2.5 million through her Morning Show.


More about the morning show

The show has been divided into different segments. Women, from all around the world, enjoy learning new skills. Nida yasir is responsible for teaching a huge amount of people culinary skills. She has groomed a good amount of people. She has been responsible for solving a number of family issues of a lot of people. Besides that, she made it her job to hand out free advices to people who need it. She had earned trust of a lot of people.

The main purpose of the morning show is to entertain every viewer. It is to provide each viewer a gossip they are eager to hear. Besides sharing the celebrity gossips, the morning show host has a handful of a number of tips and tricks of life.

The one hour show is divided into a number of segments including cooking, makeup and celebrity segments. The cooking segment has a guest invited that teaches some really yummy dishes. The makeup segment contains makeup tutorials that are useful for a number of occasions. The celebrity segments are filled with gossips and appearance of a really popular celebrity. The amount of hard work Nida Yasir does make it okay for her to earn a torture through her morning TV show.

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