What Made Lilly Singh a  $2.5 Millionaire?

Lilly Singh What Made Lilly Singh a  $2.5 Millionaire? It is quite fascinating to see this ‘Superwoman’ after the great renown and the symbol of unexceptional strength of Superman (ofcourse he is known since like ages). Surprised to know that there is a Superwoman existing in the real life? Say thanks to the YouTube contributing as the best video sharing and Vlogging platform in the world. It was an ordinary lady once to whom YouTube made a real life Superwoman earning a great fortune out of it. Now you must be eager to know the story behind all this. So its about an Indo-Canadian girl named as Lilly Singh who has got her YouTube channel by the name of Superwoman or ||Superwoman|| to be precise. Lets have a closer look at who is she and how she managed to have this success.

Lilly Singh- Life, History and Worth

superwoman aka lilly singh

Lilly Singh is a Canadian and was born on September 26, 1988 in Ontario. Her family has been originated from Punjab, India which makes Lilly’s videos show an essence of Punjabi culture somehow or other. She went to Mary Shadd Public School and then graduated from Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute in 2006. She was in at the end of her bachelor’s degree in psychology when she got to know about the Vlogging thing on Youtube. She was found to be not much interested in her psychology studies which made her a bit depressed. So she took a chance making a video and posting it on Youtube.

It was in 2010 when she posted her first video ever. According to her, it gave her the real pleasure after so long and that she really enjoyed it. It is now that she has reached over 1 billion views and over 8.5 million subscribers. As of 2015, she came to the list of world’s top 10 highest paid Youtubers in Forbes. Her net worth has been estimated to reach $2.5 million.

Superwoman a.k.a Lilly Singh

Starting off with her Youtube career in 2010, Lilly made efforts to make her videos appeal the viewers to the maximum level. There are numerous genres which she picks to make her videos on. Some of her amazing and most popular videos include ‘My Parents Reacting To’ , ‘How Girls Get Ready’, ‘Types Of People In Drive-Thrus’ and many others. She has also made documentaries on the celebrities she meets.

sources of income

In 2015, she made it to go on a world tour and recorded each and every second of it. It reflected many shades including her Youtube job and how it affects her life, dancing, singing and enjoying. She captured all this making her first feature film named as ‘A Trip To Unicorn Island’.

Sources Of Income

Lilly Singh doesn’t let anyone question for her-being-superwoman. She besides being a Youtuber is an actress, rapper, comedian and motivational speaker all at the same time. Lilly has her major part of income from her funny, interesting and captivating videos on her YouTube channel. Then comes her noticeable earnings from her music interest. She sang a number of songs including ‘hipshaker’, ‘#LEH’, ‘The Cleanup Anthem’ and ‘Mauj Ki Malharein’. She has been awarded different awards like streamy award for best entertainer and sound track, MTV Fandom Award for social superstar of the year and shorty award for Youtube star.

All these achievements coming from single souled young girl definitely makes her the Superwoman of the youth. This makes her life an inspiration for all those making efforts to end up with a successful professional life with their heart filled with happiness.

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