How Roman Atwood Started YouTube Business?

Roman atwoodJust in case you have missed the ongoing trend of Vlogging and video sharing thing to be one of the finest and fun-loving profession today, it is the time you get to know about numerous Youtube personalities. How this trait let them change their lives from ordinary to special. You know you are successful when what you do for your living pleases you. YouTube definitely provides the youngsters and the amateurs the best platform to start a channel of their own interest and upload videos made by them. This market has also become a really competitive one since a huge number of creative and entertaining minds are indulged into it. One of these popular YouTubers is Roman Atwood who makes it to be in the list of most favorite and followed personalities of YouTube. Lets see how he entered this arena.

Who Is Roman Atwood?

who is roman atwood

Roman Bernard Atwood was born on 28th of May, 1983 in Ohio, United States. This 32 years old man is now a YouTube celebrity for making public prank videos and posting them on his YouTube channel. He does that from his hidden camera and tries to keep the pranks as much real as they can. He had got married at the age of 18 to Shanna Janette Reilly and separated in 2008 having a son named Noah Atwood. Then he married Brittney Smith who has also featured in a number of his videos. Now he lives in his hometown with Brittney and his two children Noah and Kane.

Roman Atwood’s YouTube Career

Roman Atwood's youtube career

Roman Atwood used to make videos from the time he was in high school. That tells a lot about his passion for this profession. He produced a series of videos name as The Nerd Herd in 2006 which was his first step towards his film making career. Then he started off with his YouTube channel in November 2009 by the name of RomanAtwood. The first popular video that he posted on his channel was ‘Cops Get Owned’ in 2012. This video got him a huge raise in his followers and put his channel in the lime light. Some of his most viewed and the most popular videos include ‘Killing My Kid Prank’, ‘Anniversary Prank’ , ‘Plastic Ball Prank’ with a total number of views of 40 million, 70 million and 51 million respectively.

The humor that his pranks brings about in his videos make him one of the amazing pranksters of the time making the viewer laugh instantly and definitively. This gets him the honor of having over 8.7 million subscribers and 1,295,040,710 total views. That is a great fan following for being a YouTuber who just started off his career 4 to 5 years back. But the main ingredient that adds beauty to his work is the creativity that appears in his videos coming through his passion for this work.

Net Worth of Roman Atwood

How Roman Atwood Started Youtube business

It is definitely very fortunate for Roman Atwood to have this big fame and renown at such level. But that doesn’t mean to take all this for granted. This is the only source of income for him and if we have a look at his net worth, then we better get an idea what efforts and skills his work requires. He has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million, all of which comes from his Vlogging career. Before this Youtube job, he used to work for his family rope business.

Well, taking this stand to be a Youtuber truly became a pleasant decision for him and got him earn a fine fortune out of it.

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