Why Facebook Doesn’t Pay its Users For Sharing Content?

Why Faceook Doesn't Pay its Users For Sharing ContentMedia has been capturing the lives of human being since it has become an open and blatant picture of whats going on all around the globe. Social media is the closest one to the mankind in this regard. it impacts the daily routines and also the minds of the human race. The names like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and many others now have become an integral part of lives.

Facebook, more specifically comes up with the latest and known giant social media network of the time. You just need to be registered on facebook if you want to spread and maintain your social circle.

What Facebook is all about?

1 what facebook is all about

Facebook keeps people connected. That is quite a simple answer but it provides the amazing features like sharing content like pictures, videos, articles and anything you name. You can put up status and check-ins too anywhere and anytime of the day. it has also opened the option of tagging, writing on walls and sharing the very own content too. This naturally rises a question in a mind that knows a little stats of media and online market. That is facebook must be paying its users a good amount for their stuff being shared to public. What answer do you expect to get for this one?

Facebook not a good market to earn quick money

2. facebook not a good market to earn quick money

The answer is sadly no. Facebook doesn’t allow its users to get paid for any stuff, original or copied, no matter what. Considering other websites like youtube, dailymotion and other content sharing websites, Facebook lacks this feature that keeps it a topic of debate among circles. Users are in high anticipation to get this service activated by Facebook. But Facebook has got its reasons to not make it as commercial as other sites.

Why it doesn’t allow content sharing to be paid?

According to surveys done by facebook, they reached to a conclusion that most of the users want to see an environment that is ad free.

On asking people about their opinion of promotional ads that are usually the main source of generating revenue for the venture, they said it would be better to see much posts by users than promotional posts. Facebook focuses on the social interactions and communication process of the users keeping the business and finance aside. If it starts paying its users for sharing their content, they would have to generate a large revenue through pop up ads. That would make its users frustrated and the uniqueness of facebook would fade its color off.

How its different from platforms like youtube and dailymotion

4. how its different from ventures like youtube and dailymotion

Youtube and dialymotion are those sort of websites that purely emphasizes on business aspect of the market. You share your stuff and you get paid for the views or likes on your posts. Its quite simple and easy to understand.

The videos being shared again and again by the users will get you earn your stake. The website pays the user through the revenue they generate by posting ads within the content users share. That needs to get the promotional advertisements to large extent. This, in case of Facebook is impossible since it’s a social media website that aims to connect people together.

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