Ten Best Locations To Celebrate Christmas In 2017

Places to celebtrate christmas in 2014Christmas: the one holiday everyone waits for. It is the best time to get together with loved ones and end the year in a spectacular fashion too.It’s the time to make memories that we cherish all our life.

Although Christmas is a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, it has evolved into a celebration for the religious as well as secular.Today, Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and exchange gifts.

Although the notion that “Home is for holidays” stands true yet there are some places which are worth visiting during Christmas and will make your Christmas truly memorable. Ten places are considered to be the best for a Christmas holidays in 2017.

1. Santa Claus Village, Lapland, Finland

Celebrate Christmas in Finland

One reason you should spend Christmas in Santa Claus Village is that it is the home of the Santa Claus and nothing says Christmas like meeting the Santa Claus himself. Furthermore the village enters the Arctic Circle so you get to experience a true winter. There are various restaurants and themed shops but Santa Claus is the main attraction.


Celebrate Christmas in London

London lights up like a huge Christmas tree on Christmas eve.Every sight and sound gives a cheerful vibe.Firstly,there is the giant Christmas tree and caroling in the Trafalgar Square.Then there is the Nut Cracker ballet at the Royal Opera House.Other recreations such as outdoor skating rinks and the Christmas market at Hyde Park are also popular attractions.


Celebrate Christmas in Germany

Cologne is famous for it Christmas markets, although “famous” is an understatement .It is the grand-daddy of all Christmas markets. So if you’re a shopaholic then Cologne is the perfect Christmas destination for you. With the dramatic backdrop of the famed Cologne cathedral, casting its magnificent shadows on the festive proceedings, the market at the Domplatz is a good place to start. Next, head to the Medieval Christmas Market, where handcrafts and live music compete with a breathtaking live nativity set for your postmodern attention span.

Prague,Czech Republic

Celebrate Christmas in Prague

The freezing winter along with the medieval architecture of the city make it a favorite Christmas destination of many tourists.Prague, like Cologne, is also famous for its Christmas markets.The market in Old Town Square is the most popular among all Christmas markets in Prague. So take in the traditional Christmas trees and thousands of lights, and enjoy the outdoor nativity scene and make your Christmas memorable.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


One thing special about the Christmas in Amsterdam are its classical music concerts where Europe’s finest musicians perform. A fantastic collection of classical and choral songs are performed.Then there are the city’s 16th and 17th century houses which adorn its streets which make the city beautiful in its own right.

Sydney, Australia

Celebrate Christmas in Australia

Although Sydney offers a tropical Christmas yet its Christmas attractions are second to none.The Christmas projections of Sydney Hall and the amazing decorations in the Queen Victoria Building are the most attractive sights. These combined with the city lights make it worth visiting. So if it’s a tropical Christmas you want then Sydney it is.!!

Qubec, Canada:

Celebrate Christmas in Canada

If you want to spend your Christmas in America and still feel like you’re in Europe than Qubec is the place for it. During Christmas Quebec becomes illuminated with the sparkling Christmas lights and decorations. It is especially romantic to wander in the Old Quebec’s streets, filled with light, snow and holiday spirit.


Celebrate Christmas in England

Rochester being the final resting place of the famous author of the more famous novel “A Christmas Caron”, Charles Dickens a very attractive Christmas destination. It seems only fitting that the city celebrates the festive season with a festival in his honor. With its dramatic cathedral, castle and medieval architecture, Rochester becomes a perfect backdrop for the Charles Dickens Christmas festival.It takes you back 200 years during the festive season, bringing the world of England’s most loved author back to life for a spell.

Las Vegas,USA:

Celebrate Christmas in Las Vegas

The city of entertainment turns into a city of celebrations. The whole city becomes like a Christmas display during December. All the hotels gets decorated and the Christmas display.The decorations at Bellagio are specially beautiful.Other places to visit are Lake Vegas and Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall.

Tokyo, Japan:

Celebrate Christmas in Tokyo

Christmas in japan is famous for its mesmerizing lights. The shopping malls are also decorated which make for beautiful and much larger Christmas displays.The Starlight Garden is covered with thousand lights attracts a large number of tourists.