How Popular Is Pokemon Go in India and Pakistan?

Pokemon Go in India and PakistanSocial media is all about catching a Pokemon these days. While the world is busy playing Pokemon, people in India and Pakistan are still keen to know what is it all about! Get to know what makes Pokemon Go so popular in India and Pakistan below!

what is Pokemon Go- pikachu 

The Nintendo held Pokemon, which burst in fame in the late 1990s, is yet again taking the world by storm. This time it is through Pokemon Go which is the series prime access into the mobile world, now accessible for a free of cost download on both Android and iOS. It is so widespread that it is now in rivalry with Twitter in terms of day-to-day active users on smartphones.

What is Pokemon

In simple language, Pokemon Go is a mobile game that practices your mobile phone GPS and timer to spot where and when you are in the game and then make Pokemon come in front of you on the screens of your phone so you can go and catch them. As you travel around, diverse and new kinds of Pokemon will seem liable on where you are and what time it is. The impression here is to inspire the player to travel around the actual world to catch Pokemon in the game.

How popular is Pokemon Go in India and Pakistan?

Though most of the people cannot delay more time to play Pokemon on their smartphones, Pokemon Go has been legitimately out for the people living in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Those in Pakistan, India and further states around the world still have to delay the excitement but new areas are formally getting Pokemon Go each day so the wait will be over soon. Just like several other nations of the world, individuals in Pakistan and India are also very excited to have this game on their phones soon.

How popular is Pokemon Go in India and Pakistan

The reason behind this immense popularity of Pokemon Go in Asian regions is because a lot of people have been following the series since its release and ae so crazy about the characters that are involved and now the game has been released and all the admirers cannot wait to get their hands on it.

In Pakistan and India, Pokemon GO has converted into the architype of a brand new expertise called Augmented Reality that is effectively functional in today’s civilization. With the innovative technology along with the up-to-date digital tech, it has grown-up to something better than even Niantic could have ever fantasize. Pokemon GO has vended more than 30 million copies by now. This shows just how sturdy the fan base of this game is. Niantic surely identify that admirers have long been expecting to become a Pokemon coach one day.

For originator Nintendo, the trend over Pokemon GO is a straight outcome from their same generation theory. This theory fundamentally denotes to the fact that there are many individuals who endlessly, be it voluntarily or involuntarily, stick to their childhood sports even after growing out of that alleged target.

This game is not superior in any fictional gameplay standings, but it is better as an involvement. It is a spontaneous gaming taken to the idyllic conclusion, where the aim is to have entertainment with others than for you to accomplish individual glory through dozens of hours of repetitive work.

So, are you ready for this uimate hunt of finding your Pokemon? Share your views!

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