How Rich Is Edhi Foundation?

imagesIt is just too unfortunate for Pakistan that it lost its angel sent who helped the suffering people all over the country with his humanity. Abdul Sattar Edhi left all of us crying this month. If you are one of those people who want to know.more about Edhi and his foundation, here is all about it. 

What is Edhi Foundation?


The Edhi Foundation is a charitable community well-being platform in Pakistan, originated by Abdul Sattar Edhi in the year 1951. Abdul Sattar Edhi until his demise on July 08, 2016 was the leader of the association and his spouse Bilquis, a foster nurse, supervises the paternity and adoption facilities of the establishment. The headquarters of Edhi foundation is in Karachi, Pakistan.

The Edhi Foundation offers 24-hour crisis support throughout the people of Pakistan and overseas. Among many other facilities the Foundation delivers housing for the poor, free infirmaries and therapeutic care, drug reintegration services, and nationwide and worldwide reprieve efforts. Its core motivations are emergency facilities, orphaned babies, handicapped individuals, living quarters, schooling, healthcare, worldwide community hubs, blood banks, drug banks, maritime and shoreline services.

How Rich Is Edhi Foundation?

How Rich Is Edhi Foundation

Edhi foundation is solely based on the charity and donations given by people. With divisions in New York, London, Dubai, the effort of Edhi Foundation has now drawn-out further than Pakistan and has ranged out on a global scale. Currently, outlets of Abdul Sattar Edhi International Foundation are giving regular facilities in New York, London and Dubai, while doing introductory work for establishment of offices in Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen and Afghanistan.

In Karachi only, the Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation operates 8 infirmaries and gives free medicinal care, eye clinics, diabetic centres, surgical divisions, cancer hospitals and mobile pharmacies. In addition to these the Foundation also functions two blood stores in Karachi. Along with other Edhi facilities, employed specialists and helpers run these. The establishment has a lawful support department, which provides free of cost services and has protected the discharge of uncountable guiltless prisoners. Hired clinicians visit prisons on consistent basis and also fund food and other fundamentals to the prisoners. The Edhi foundation also has a schooling arrangement, which apart from coaching, reading and writing conceal many occupational activities such as driving, apothecary and para-medical teaching.

The Edhi Foundation offers a number of facilities, emergency and non-emergency, to the common public. In addition to backup medical facilities and remote ambulance services, the organization also concentrates on supporting women and teenagers in want, supports with missing individual’s cases, and aids in casing up funeral and cemetery costs of untaken and nameless bodies during times of adversity and catastrophe. The group runs a number of remote outpatient infirmaries set in Pakistan. Further medical services consist of a diabetic center, a nurse teaching center, vaccination hubs, and blood banks, including reserve banks in the course of natural tragedies. Bilquis Edhi, cofounder of the Edhi Foundation, is accountable for supervising kid’s and woman’s facilities within the association.

Facilities she runs presently for teenagers include the baby cradle venture, a child espousal hub, and an uninhibited children’s well-being center. Most of the Edhi emergency hubs have a baby cradle positioned outside the venue for moms to dispense their babies, irrespective of the existing situation they may be in. These kids are taken into protection and are taken care of, frequently being adopted by good families.

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