Top 5 Female YouTube Vloggers With Largest List Of Subscribers

Female youtube vloggersFor all the young buds, specially the girls out there, there is an amazingly growing trend of Vlogging on YouTube. The Youtube vlogging features a great number of female celebrities who have started their YouTube channels as one of their interests and got a great fame and fortune out of it. These inspirational personalities set trends in different fields by making videos and publishing on their channels. They know the trick to grab the viewers’ attention which boost their spirit much higher than before. Lets have a look at the top Female YouTube Vloggers and queens of the Youtube who made their channels worth highest number of subscribers.

5. Lilly Singh -Female YouTube Vlogger

Lilly-singh Female YouTube Vloggers

Lilly Singh is one of the most popular names when it comes to the top Youtubers of the present time. This Indo-Canadian girl is known as Superwoman, her Youtube channel’s name. She began her YouTube channel in 2010 with amazing and interesting videos which eventually got her over 1 billion views. Her channel has bow a total number of 7,450,000 million subscribers. Apart from Youtuber, she is a comedian, rapper and singer.

4. Michelle Phan

michelle phan

The next inspiration on the list of top female youtuers is none other than Michelle Phan. She makes it to be the best make-up artist, fashion demonstrator and stylist. This American Youtuber took a start with her Youtbe video publishing in 2007 and became an official artist in 2010. Her videos featuring tutorials for different nature of styling and fashion lessons have become a part of most of the young buds these days. She has got an amazing figure of 8,250,000 million suscribers. She is also an entrepreneur apart from being a vlogger.

3. Bethany Mota

bethany-mota vlogger

Bethany Mota, yet another name popular in fashion demonstration and style instructor makes to be on the third place of the list. She is an American video blogger who started her YouTube channel in 2009 by the name of Macbarbie07. She publishes videos in which she shows her collection of fashion equipment which she purchases from internet. Her tutorials related to outfit ideas, make-up and hair styling have been markedly got her a number of over 9.5 million subscribers.

2. Zoella

Zoella vlogger

Zoe Elizabeth, popularly known by her YouTube name Zoella is the second top female YouTuber. She is an English make-up artist, stylist and fashion and beauty demonstrator and author. She stared off with her YouTube channel in 2009 named as Zoella and now she runs another channel named as MoreZoella. Her interesting and helpful videos highlighting the latest fashion and style trends get her channel a total number of subscribers above 10 million. She is also an author and her debut novel ‘girl online’ was one of the record breaking novels of that time.

1. Jenna Marbles

Jenna marbles youtube vlogger

The lady who aces the list with a phenomenal fan following on Youtube is none other than Jenna Marbles. This American Youtube personality has been one of the most happening ladies on YouTube. She started her YouTube channel in 2010 with her video named as “How To Trick People Into Thinking You Are good Looking”. It took no longer for the video to become viral and got over 5.3 million views. She kept the legacy to make funny and close-to reality videos guiding the young ones and taking their attentions. As of 2016, Jenna got a total number of 16 million subscribers.

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