Top 5 YouTube Vloggers And Why People Love Them?

Toutube vloggersAre you finding a way out to show the world your hidden attributes or the life you are living? There is an easiest and the most interesting way that Youtube provides to all of you. It just lets you do whatever the craziness you do to record on your camera and post the video on YouTube. The more you make them creative and fascinating the more you get the number of subscribers and public views. What makes a channel worth subscribing can be judged under the present YouTube rulers with their inspirational career stories and passion for this profession. Lets have a look at the top 5 Youtube Vloggers who are all loved by the mass audience and enjoy a huge fan following on Youtube. See what makes them special!

5. Shaytards

 Shaytards vloggers

It is quite interesting to see not only an individual but a whole family to be a part of YouTube Vlogging community. Yes they are none other than “Shaytards” popular for their interesting videos on YouTube. The owner of the family and the channel is Shay Carl Butler who has been doing a fantastic job along with his family including his wife Colette, his three sons and two daughters. He started off his channel in 2007 with capturing each and every moment he goes through in his life. The channel has got over three million subscribers.

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4. Jacksgap

Jacksgap - youtube vlogger

The two English-based twins, Jackson Harries and Finnegan Harries, make it to be on the list of most popular Youtube vloggers. One of the two brothers, Jack took the initiative to run the channel named as Jacksgap for posting the videos while he took a one-year gap from his school. Finn later joined him and contributed in his interesting and appealing videos getting g him a boost in his number of subscribers and views. The two cool bros make their viewers see the world from a completely different angle and amaze them with realities of life. It is worth them a total number of over 4.22 million subscribers and 188 million views.

3. Joey Graceffa

Joey Graciffa youtube vloggers

The next teen on the list we have is too cool to be just a vlogger. He is a blogger, gamer, singer, song-writer, actor, producer, author and comedian all at the same time. The name is Joey Graceffa with his Youtube channel named as Joeygraceffa. He started his YouTube channel in 2007 and got him a tremendous popularity through his funny and interesting videos related to all kind of traits from Joey’s make-up tutorial failed to Joey getting married. The diversities in his videos make his followers awaited for his new uploads anxiously.

2. Danisnotonfire

Danisnotonfire youtube vlogger

Dan is not on fire? Well, that is just the name of the YouTube channel that makes the next position on our list. The owner Daniel James Dan Howell is a British vlogger, comedian and radio host. He is more likely known for his YouTube channel “Danisnotonfire”. His frequent collaborator seen in his videos is his one of the best friends Phil Lester. From his very first video on YouTube named as “Hello Internet” to a list of amazing and worth watching videos like Danisnotonfire’s anime, funny moments, typos have ruined my life and many others, he has been taking the attention of his subscribers whose number has now reached to over 5.7 million.

1. BFvsGF

 Bf vs GF vloggers

The lovely couple of Jesse Michael and Jeana Smith make it to ace the list of top 5 YouTube vloggers. The couple is currently running two popular channels on YouTube named as “PrankvsPrank” and “BFvsGF”. BFVsGF is all about them showing their daily routine lives. The videos comprise of their walks in the streets of Philadelphia, them exploring Thailand and experiencing different unique food items. There are also many YouTube personalities featured in their videos which get them more appreciation. The number of subscribers has reached to 8.6 million subscribers.

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