America’s Largest Private Companies 2018

largest-private-companies-of-americaWe have been sharing the latest lists of best and top rated companies with our readers every year and here comes a list of 2018 as per the reveals made by forbes. In 2018, about 223 companies have made their way onto Forbes through their hard work and struggle. The companies generate revenue of about 1.62 billion dollars as a whole. The companies have hired about 4.5 million people from all around the world working in different economies. Forbes’s American largest private companies of 2018 have been selected on the basis of their popularity and quality work.

UPDATE: This article was updated in 2018 to include latest listing of America’s Largest Private Companies

Largest Private Companies of America

This year we got to see about new companies, but none of the faces on the stage were new. Due to the new companies, us foods and other 15 companies have been marked off the list. The revenues these companies generated went below $2 billion and due to which they were required to merge with other companies.

Southern Wine & Spirits and Glazer’s


The merging occurred in 2017 between wine companies named Southern Wine & Spirits and Glazer’s and formed Southern glazers. The merge was a big success that can be noted by the fact that the company managed to generate revenue of about $17 billion.

Another merge created a popular company that goes by the name of Breakthru Beverage.

Cargil and Koch


The industries included on the list are Cargil and Koch securing the first and second position.


Supermarket chain Albertson securing the third position. The Idaho-based company, world’s second largest supermarket, made their way onto Forbes by generating revenue of about 58.5 billion dollars.



Dell largest company

Unfortunately, dell has secured the 5th position this year meaning they have to work a little hard to get their deserving place back. Even though the construction and engineering companies have managed to increase their revenue each year, they have been selected for the spot 26 on the Forbes list of America’s largest private companies of 2018.

Breakthru Beverage


Many Breakthru Beverage including Pilot Flying J’s revenues, Love’s Travel Stops & Country have dropped revenue year by year and due to which their position on the list have also dropped.


Many companies reach their spots on the Forbes through generating revenues or by going private. Such companies include Deloitte which is an accounting firm that generates about $35.2 billion.

Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority


Many foreign countries that don’t pay taxes are excluded from the list. Such companies include Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority. Along with those, many mutually owned companies or companies with less than 100 employees are, also, excluded from the list. Publicly traded subsidiaries sales are excluded while considering the revenue the company generates. On the basis of all the above mentioned rules, the companies are nominated for the posts on the list of Forbes’ top private companies. The data collected and shared has been mutually and willingly disclosed by the companies included on the list.

Largest companies in general

Many companies on the list have no plans to turn their status upside down because of their love for freedom and no obligations. Mostly, because such private companies, then, need to file statements with the Security and Exchange Commission. However, they are required to have enough shareholders to do so. The ownership of the company effects the file statement, too. The owners of the company should not be limited and restricted. Only the family members and employees should not be obligated to become an owner of the company. Moreover, the revenue they generate is about $2 billion which is the basic requirement to make their way onto the list of America’s largest private companies.

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