Top 10 Entrepreneurs In Singapore In 2018

richest-entrepreneurs-in-singapore-in-2017There is a diverse list of Singaporean magnates and entrepreneurs who confronted up pessimists, disordered their businesses, made brave profession switches, set off inclinations in a countless ways to break through the fences to do what people think is unlikely to happen. Following are the richest and popular top 10 entrepreneurs in Singapore in 2018.

UPDATE: This article was updated in 2018 to include latest listing of Top ten Singapore Entrepreneurs in 2018

1. Robert & Philip Ng (Net worth: 8.5 billion dollars)

robert-philip-ng entrepreneur

The major source of their income is through real estate business. Brothers Robert and Philip Ng are the owners of Far East Organization which is Singapore’s principal private property developing industry. Philip Ng along with his brother has an estimated net worth of $8.5 billion.

2. Eduardo Saverin (Net worth: 7.7 billion dollars)

eduardo-saverin entrepreneur

He is the co-founder of Facebook who has reinvented himself as a venture industrialist but still originates fortune sum of money from his sectional stake in the business. He has also financed his money in early-stage startup competitions such as Qwiki and Jumio.

3. Kwek Leng Beng (Net worth: 7.6 billion dollars)

kwek-leng-beng entrepreneur

Kwek is a popular Singapore entrepreneur of 2018. He is the administrative chairman of Hong Leong Group Singapore and also holds Hong Leong Finance, Singapore’s major finance corporation, with a set-up of 28 branch offices.

4. Khoo family (Net worth: 6.3 billion dollars)

-khoo-family entrepreneur

More than a dozen inheritors of late investment banker Khoo teck Puat share wealth derived from marketing their stake in Standard Chartered Bank for 4 billion dollars  years ago. The Khoo family also possesses the Goodwood Group of Hotels, best identified for the famous Goodwood Park Hotel.

5. Goh Cheng Liang (Net worth: 6.6 billion dollars)

goh-cheng-liang entrepreneur

Goh Cheng Liang is the 39% owner of Japan’s Nippon Paint Holdings. His son Hup Jin also run the family’s privately seized paint and varnishes maker Nipsea, a cooperative project with Nippon. Together the Gohs’s pull together many extravagance ships and catamarans and that’s how they made it to this Top 10 list of richest Singapore entrepreneurs for 2018.

6. Kwee family (Net worth: 5.2 billion dollars)

kwee-family entrepreneur

The Kwee brothers are the sons of Henry Kwee who was an Indonesian fabric dealer and real estate contractor.  Kwee brothers are Singapore entrepreneurs and the proprietors of Pontiac Land Group, a privately held Singapore property and hospitality organization.

7. Wee Cho Yaw (Net worth: 4.7 billion dollars)

-wee-cho-yaw entrepreneur

He is a Singaporean entrepreneur and the chairman of the United Overseas Bank and United Industrial Corporation in Singapore. He is also employed to the board of the newly formed National University of Singapore and is the pro-chancellor of the Nanyang Technological University as well.

8. Raj Kumar & Kishin RK (Net worth: 2.6 billion dollars)


Major source of their income is their real estate business and this father-son duo is all set to open their 226-room InterContinental Inn at Robertson Quay next year. Their succeeding venture is a 60-story fortification, sited in the Raffles Place business district, which will be the highest in Singapore.

9. Kuok Khoon Hong (Net worth: 2.5 billion dollars)

kuok-khoon-hong entrepreneur

He is a Singaporean occupational tycoon. The nephew of Malaysian magnate Robert Kuok, he is the co-founder of Wilmar International, which is mentioned as the most leading palm oil firm of the world. He is also the owner of Aviva Tower in London.

10. Richard Chandler (Net worth: 2.5 billion dollars)

richard-chandler entrepreneur

He is chairman of the Clermont Group which is a Singapore built commercial group that capitalizes in public and private impartiality across a variety of businesses, such as energy, economic services, customer, and healthcare facilities.

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