10 Most Popular Female Singers Of Afghanistan in 2017

SEM - 10 Most Popular Female Afghan Singers 2017

Women from countries, previously considered as conservative, such as Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan are gaining high popularity in the entertainment and media sectors due to some wonder women.

Singing and acting is rapidly getting into their blood and more and more females are making strong grounds in the field of entertainment.

Therefore, today, we have gathered a list of most popular female singers from Afghanistan in 2017. These exceptional women even after leaving their country due to the disturbing law and order situation have gained a lot of success. Let’s have a look!

1) Aryana Sayeed

Genre: Afghan folkloric music, Pop, R & B, Hip Hop
Singer, Songwriter


Aryana Sayeed is an Afghan singer, TV personality and a song writer who born in a Pashto family. She along with her family moved to Pakistan and then Switzerland. Currently, she lives in London, England. She reached the heights of success in 2008 when her song ‘MashAllah’ became a big hit. Since then, she has made several appearances on television as a host and judge.

2) Mozhdah Jamalzada

Genre: Pop Music


Mozhdah Jamalzada is an Afghan singer who fled the civil war in Afghanistan and settled in Canada when she was 5 years old. She studied Journalism, Philosophy and Political Science while keeping her love for music still alive. Out of her many Afghan songs, Dokhtare Afghan (Afghan Girl) was an instant hit on Afghan TV and brought great fame and many awards towards her.

3) Seeta Qasemie

Genre: Pop, Afghan folkloric music
Singer, Songwriter, and Composer


Seeta Qasemie is one of the very few famous Afghan singers who grew up with the dream of becoming a successful singer. After being married at an early age and then getting out of the abusive relation, she persuaded her dream. Her most popular songs include: Bia Tu, Dilbare Mehrabanam, Dukhtare Kuchi, Ta Sara Meena Larem, Zan, Gharanay.

4) Ghazal Sadat

Genre: Pop, Afghan folkloric music
Occupation: Singer


Ghazal Sadat is an Afghan singer who was born in Kabul and spent most of her childhood in Istanbul, Turkey. Later, they moved to Canada where she completed her Diploma in dental hygiene. However, her love for music and interest in Afghan cultural music always remained the same and motivated her to go towards the beauty of Afghan music.

5) Farzana Naz

Genre: Afghan folkloric music
Occupation: Singer


Farzana Naz is an Afghan singer origination from Baghlan province. She mostly sings in Pasto and has made most of her songs in Pakistan due to unstable condition in Afghanistan. Her song ‘Paighla De Kabul’ has been her biggest hit in Afghanistan so far.

6) Arezo Nikbin

Genre: Afghan folkloric music
Occupation: Singer, Host and Passionist


Arezo Nikbin is an Afghan female artist whose hometown is Kabul, Afghanistan.

7) Sitara Nawabi

Genre: Afghan Pop music
Occupation: Singer, Song-writer

SEM - Sitara Nawabi Afghan Singer 2017

Sitara Nawabi is an Afghan-American singer who was born in Kabul, Afghansitan. She entered the music world on 5th August 2008 with her music album, ‘Masti’. Music is not a career or job for her but a passion which is quite difficult to fade.

8) Shabana Mehryar

Genre: Afghan Pop music, Ghazal
Occupation: Singer

SEM - Shabana Mehryar Afghan Singer 2017

Shabana Mehryar was born on 16th November 1981 in Kabul, Afghanistan. She is an Afghan singer who belongs to a family of artisits. Her parents (Sultan Ghazal Rahim Mehryar and Mashale Taranum Khanum Parastoo) were known as the most successful musical duos in the late 1980s.

9) Ghezaal Enayat

Genre: Classical, Pop, Blues, Ghazal
Occupation: Singer

SEM - Ghezaal Enayat Afghan Singer 2017

Ghezaal Enayat is an Afghan singer who belongs to Kabul, Afghanistan and is currently residing in Canada. She performs her shows in European countries and received recognition in 2015.

 10) Roya Doost

Genre: Afghan Pop music
Occupation: Singer


Roya Doost is an Afghan singer who is very well known for her artistic lifestyle.

Stay blessed!

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