Quick Ways To Make Money On Eid ul Fitr

Make Money this eid ul FitrMuslims all around the world call Ramadan a month of blessings. It is quite a strong belief of every Muslim that the whole month of Ramadan they fast for Allah and in return they get Eid ul Fitr as a gift from Allah at the end of the month. It definitely is the day set to celebrate and people make the most of it. Eid ul Fitr is not only the religious event but it has now become a part of culture in every Muslim country. While people are busy in preparing for eid, why dont you look for making some easy money on this occasion? Here are some ways to give some food to this thought!

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Top 5 YouTube Vloggers And Why People Love Them?

Toutube vloggers

Toutube vloggersAre you finding a way out to show the world your hidden attributes or the life you are living? There is an easiest and the most interesting way that Youtube provides to all of you. It just lets you do whatever the craziness you do to record on your camera and post the video on YouTube. The more you make them creative and fascinating the more you get the number of subscribers and public views. What makes a channel worth subscribing can be judged under the present YouTube rulers with their inspirational career stories and passion for this profession. Lets have a look at the top 5 Youtube Vloggers who are all loved by the mass audience and enjoy a huge fan following on Youtube. See what makes them special!

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Top 5 Female YouTube Vloggers With Largest List Of Subscribers

Female youtube vloggers

Female youtube vloggersFor all the young buds, specially the girls out there, there is an amazingly growing trend of Vlogging on YouTube. The Youtube vlogging features a great number of female celebrities who have started their YouTube channels as one of their interests and got a great fame and fortune out of it. These inspirational personalities set trends in different fields by making videos and publishing on their channels. They know the trick to grab the viewers’ attention which boost their spirit much higher than before. Lets have a look at the top Female YouTube Vloggers and queens of the Youtube who made their channels worth highest number of subscribers.

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How to Do Vlogging on YouTube?

Vlogging career

Vlogging careerIf you have the guts to face the camera and entertain people, you are all good to go to start your vlogging career through YouTube with little investment at the beginning. Vlogging is a kind of blogging for which the mediums used are basically videos. For some people it is also a form of web television where vloggers can combine embedded videos or video links with images, supporting messages and other methods of metadata. Vlog category is a major part of YouTube channels where web syndication allows the distribution of the videos over internet by the help of RSS or atom syndication formats.

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What Made Lilly Singh a  $2.5 Millionaire?

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh What Made Lilly Singh a  $2.5 Millionaire? It is quite fascinating to see this ‘Superwoman’ after the great renown and the symbol of unexceptional strength of Superman (ofcourse he is known since like ages). Surprised to know that there is a Superwoman existing in the real life? Say thanks to the YouTube contributing as the best video sharing and Vlogging platform in the world. It was an ordinary lady once to whom YouTube made a real life Superwoman earning a great fortune out of it. Now you must be eager to know the story behind all this. So its about an Indo-Canadian girl named as Lilly Singh who has got her YouTube channel by the name of Superwoman or ||Superwoman|| to be precise. Lets have a closer look at who is she and how she managed to have this success.

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How Michelle Phan Earned from Youtube?

How michelle phan earned with youtube

How michelle phan earned with youtubeMichelle Phan, who originally is an Honorary Doctorate of Arts degree, has become a popular YouTube personality. Michelle, in fact, is considered the queen of YouTube. Recently, Michelle has travelled with the First Lady, Michelle Obama to help promote the program ‘let girls learn’. Isn’t this cool? But who is Michelle Phan and how all of a sudden, she became so POPULAR? Well, Michele is like a prettiness guru, who is best known for her makeup demos, who initially started on YouTube by uploading her first video back in May 2007. This video was called ‘natural looking makeup tutorial’ and was found to have 11 million views. But this wasn’t her biggest shot, she later uploaded the video called ‘Barbie transformation tutorial’. This was her biggest hit, and got viral within no time. It had 59 million views. WOW! This video turned Michelle into a Superstar.

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How Rich is Maryam Nawaz?

How rich is maryam nawaz

How rich is maryam nawazIf you are one of those interesting candidates among the millions of Pakistanis who want to know about their leaders and the wealth taken as tax from them being accumulated by these leaders, we have something interesting waiting for you here. It comes as no surprise that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif is a known businessman on the other hand who has always supported his business interests at the back of the political career. The latest move made by the Panama Leaks has shook the situation for the Nawaz Family where questions have been raised over the credibility of his daughter and two sons. Do you know how rich is Maryam Nawaz? Get to know all about her assets and net worth here.

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How to Make Money with Fourerr In 2016

How to make money with fourerrIf you have been using Fiverr in order to make some decent money from your freelancing business in the online world, you must by now have been looking for Fiverr alternatives in order to get more for the same amount of work you are producing. We have had been sharing fiverr alternatives with you and here is another one. Read all about  fourerr’s services and policies in this article here.

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Who Is Bashir Ali Mohammad and What Makes Him Rich?

Bashir Ali mohamad

Bashir Ali mohamadIf you too, are a fashion geek and love following Asian fashion to the best of your use on daily basis you kust know GulAhmed which is one of the most renowned brands of Pakistan and has also established its online market all over the world. Promoting the cultural clothing for both, men and women, the brand is followed by a mass audience. If you have been wondering who owns it and how much does he earns, here is a detailed article. Have a look!

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Do you Know How Much is the Net Worth of JRD TATA?

Net worth of JRD TATA of India

Net worth of JRD TATA of IndiaJehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata was born on 29 July 1904. He is a very well-known French born Indian business tycoon and an aviator. He is the chairman and cofounder of the world famous company Tata Sons. Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata is the first licensed pilot of India due to which he has also been rewarded with the award of French Legion of Honor in 1992 and another grant that is considered to be the highest civilian award of India called Bharat Ratna. His company TATA Sons is a Mumbai based conglomerate that is functional in collaboration with the other Tata firms like Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Teleservices, The Indian Hotels Company, Tata Power, Tata tea, and Tata Chemicals.  His basic schooling is from Bombay India where he has studied at the Campion school alongside the Bishop Cotton School based in Shimla.

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