30 Awesome WordPress Themes For Conference And Events 2016

Awesome WordPress Themes for Conferences and Events

Awesome WordPress Themes for Conferences and EventsIf you are planning to get your hands on coming up with an amazing conference or event and yet not sure what appropriate WordPress themes to choose, you have surely landed up at the right place. Everything needs to look pleasant! Whether it’s a furniture you buy for your room or the dress you choose for wedding, first thing that matters is how it apparently looks like. Similarly, what it takes for a website to look good, depends on what theme or template you choose for it. With all the new advancement and modern web designing modifications, a number of amazing features have been included into WordPress themes making it more convenient to work on. 2016’s best WP themes for conference and events are listed below.

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Ten Amazing Facts about Robert Kiyosaki

Facts about robert kiyosakiWe have been lately sharing much about the great person to be known Robert Kiyosaki and here we are again with some amazing facts you might not know about Robert. Before that, in case you still not know who this great man is, here goes a brief introduction to him. Robert Kiyosaki is an American entrepreneur, stockholder, self-made writer, teacher, motivational lecturer, monetary activist, business commentator, and radio person.

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Why Tayyip Erdogan is a popular Muslim Leader?

Erdogan popular leaderThe recent protests and military disobeyance made Turkey even a more firm and focused country, thanks to the President Tayyip Erdagon. Tayyip has had been admired not by the nation only, but by the mass audience all over the world for his phenomenal policies and action plans. Througout his reign from 2003, when Erdagon’s party got a fluent victory and he became the new Prime minister of the country, he ensured to facilitate the lives of common people the best way possible. He continued to be on this post till 2014, when he won the elections and was elected as the President of Turkey.

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What Is Net Worth Of Tayyip Erdogan?

other sources of incomeTalking of a country like Turkey, we can associate a number of big names in regard with its social or political scenario. The current president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdagon is one of those names who have been serving for his conservative democratic politics since 2014. The control of presidential office of Turkey is not an easy task and takes a great effort to run it properly. For this, Recep Tayyip also deserves a reasonable payback for his services and so he does get.

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How Rich Is Edhi Foundation?

imagesIt is just too unfortunate for Pakistan that it lost its angel sent who helped the suffering people all over the country with his humanity. Abdul Sattar Edhi left all of us crying this month. If you are one of those people who want to know.more about Edhi and his foundation, here is all about it. 

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Things That Bengalis Love About Pakistan

What Bengalis love about PakistanIts not only about Pakistan’s critical relation with its neighbor country India but when it comes to Bangladesh, the history is no different. The liberation war can never be forgotten by both Pakistani and Bengali nations. But there are certain things that both countries admire about each other. It wont be right to say that people of Bangladesh truly love Pakistan and have no negative or hateful sentiment for Pakistanis. The dark historic chapter that became the fate of these countries has a large impact on it. But there are still following things which Bengalis want to like about Pakistan.

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How Much Money Cricketers Take To Do Advertisements

How Much for an AdvertismentWorld sports industry has been grooming since long ago and cricket has become one of the major sport in popularity. The new trends and formats have been evolved but the hype created by cricket and cricketers is no less than any other sport in the world. Cricketers from all over the world bring the best out of this game and build their fortunes through highly growing and commercializing cricket industry. It refers to the trend of celebrities becoming brand ambassadors for different companies aiding them a promotion tool. On the other hand, the company signs contract with them and pay huge bucks for their brand endorsements. We can see that many athletes earn a lot more than their salaries through these advertisements and endorsements.

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A Closer Look At Muhammad Ali’s Net Worth

Net worth of Muhammad Ali

Net worth of Muhammad AliJune 3, 2016 came as one of the most saddening day when the entire world faced the death of the boxing icon Muhammad Ali. He was not only popular for being the most amazing and charismatic boxer but also made him the world’s unprecedented athlete. His influential thoughts have now become quotes for youth to get motivated to achieve their goals. His death has brought the entire world a huge loss not only as an athlete but a cultural icon and a social activist as well. Lets get a closer look at life and net worth of Muhammad Ali the great.

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What Makes Muhammad Ali a Superstar?

Muhammad Ali superstarOut of so many sportsmen and athletes around, the one name in the niche of Boxing has always shined brighter than any other and that is of Muhammad Ali. Being the hero and role model for many in the same field. Muhammad Ali has always enjoyed being in the limelight for the magnificent performance that he had always shown in the ring. It was recently that the real Boxer left his fans crying and passed away. As a tribute to this legend, here is a quick post about what makes Muhammad Ali, a superstar!

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How Much Aamir Liaquat Earns From Ramadan Transmissions?

How much aamir liaquat earns

How much aamir liaquat earnsRamadan are just upon us and the celebrities who have been hosting the Ramadan special transmissions are again all setbto make a huge amount of money this year. We have been covering much on the same topic and here comes an indepth of an interesting celebrities earning. The Geo Star, Aamir Liaquat has had been in limelight since he started his hosting career in Ramadan. Let us see how much does he earns in Ramadan.

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Top 5 Female YouTube Vloggers With Largest List Of Subscribers

Female youtube vloggers

Female youtube vloggersFor all the young buds, specially the girls out there, there is an amazingly growing trend of Vlogging on YouTube. The Youtube vlogging features a great number of female celebrities who have started their YouTube channels as one of their interests and got a great fame and fortune out of it. These inspirational personalities set trends in different fields by making videos and publishing on their channels. They know the trick to grab the viewers’ attention which boost their spirit much higher than before. Lets have a look at the top Female YouTube Vloggers and queens of the Youtube who made their channels worth highest number of subscribers.

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